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Welsh Cob


Cwmesgair Ceinwen (2007)

Dam: Marl Jessica.

Sire: Gwynfaes Matholwch.

One of my favourite mare’s ceinwen is out of my ridden mare jessica (aka CJ)  think that’s why i have more of a soft spot for her. she has given us some outstanding foals. we are retaining  this years chestnut filly.


Marl Jessica. (1998)

Dam: Rhydfendigaid Jane.

Sire: Derwen Rhuban Glas.

Marl Jessica (aka CJ) the one that started me off. Bought as a 4yr old now 23yrs young. she was my ridden cob, CJ was also broken to drive. my cob of a life time so many good memories hacking the countryside. now retired from riding and enjoying life she has given me some cracking foals too.

Cwmesgair Touch of class (2013)

Dam: Cwmesgair Myfanwy.

Sire: Enmarkens Mr Merlin.

Cwmesgair Touch of Class my pride & joy. (aka milly)  i have bred two foals to date with milly one of which i have retained at the stud Cwmesgair Legacy who is a bigger image of her dam. we are enjoying milly unddersaddle & inhand shown by my eldest daughter chloe where she always puts on a show i could watch this mare move all day. milly is a bronze medal winner both inhand & undersaddle.

Felinmor Miss Milly (2003)

Dam: Felinmor Floella Magic

Sire: Blaengwen Brenin.

We bought felinmor miss milly (aka J-Lo) from builth cob sales as a foals in 2003 she has produced outstanding foal a big moving mare with tremendous breeding.

Cwmesgair Tia Maria  (2009)

Dam: Brenig Groten Goch.

Sire: Brynithion New Image.

Tia Maria is a substantial mare standing at 14.2hh with huge movement and produces bigger and outstanding foals. she is the cheeky one who lets all the other mares babysit her off spring such a charachter.

Cwmesgair Jessie J  (2017)

Dam: Cwmesgair Cerys.

Sire: Ionos Llion.

Jessie J a cracking young mare who will mature to 15hh. we had fun showing jessie J inhand as a foal where she did us proud. Jessie has had her first foal this year a cracking colt the future plans are to break her to ride & come out undersaddle. 

Cwmesgair Jadore  (2017)

Dam: Terackie Crunchie.

Sire: Corscaron Cymro Llwyd.

Cwmesgair Jadore is another young mare i have retained, think my youngest daughter Sophie has claimed her and adores her. Jadore has also given us her first foal which i have decided to retain for the time being. she is another substantial mare who im proud to have bred.

Cwmesgair Legacy  (2017)

Dam: Cwmesgair Touch of Class.

Sire: Brynseion Bendigo.

Cwmesgair Legacy will be stand at 15hh once matured she is a late developer and is coming along a treat. she is going to be some mare. think she will go into for for 2022 then be broken to ride for the eldest daughter to have another to show.