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Welsh Cob Foals

Foals 2021

Cwmesgair Rolex.

Perlino colt. 

Dam: Cwmesgair Jadore

Sire: Gornoeth Candyman.


Rolex an outstanding perlino colt as you can see a very friendly too. Born on the 26/4/21. we did take some time to name him as i couldn’t decide. He was named by our eldest daughter. & we think he is a little bit special. Rolex will mature to 14.3hh. we are looking forward to watching him mature.

Cwmesgair Levi

Bay colt.

Dam: Cwmesgair Jessie J.

Sire: Gornoeth Candyman.

Cwmesgair Levi born on 04/05/21 a quality colt and unbelievably friendly will follow you through the field for as much attention as he can get. will mature to 15hh. 

Cwmesgair She’s A Diva 

Dam: Cwmesgair Ceinwen.

Sire: Abergaveny Tango.

so excited for the future of this filly born on the 21/05/21. Her dam never fails to produce outstanding stock. with her granddam being my retired ridden mare this filly is being retained by the stud & we will look forward to getting her on some outings at some point.

Cwmegair I-Candy

Dam: Cwmesgair Tia Maria.

Sire: Gornoeth Candyman

What a colt but there is only so many i can retain born on the 29/05/21. i think he is a bit special too. cant decide if he is palomino or buckskin yet but he certainly is flash 4 whites and im a sucker for a pretty head. i-candy will mature to 14.3hh 

Cwmesgair ????

Dam: Felinmor Miss Milly

Sire: Gornoeth Candyman

Still undecided on a name for this cracking filly, it was a long wait as she was over due by 3 weeks. born on the14/06.21 more photos and updates to follow as she grows.